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CPH Dance Fesitval

"Enjoy your body, Use it in every way you can... Don't be afraid of it, or what other people think of it. It's the greatest instrument you'll ever own... DANCE... even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room" - Director Baz Luhrmann

Copenhagen Dance Festival is a two day celebration of the movement of the body, that we humans call DANCING! A festival filled with workshops, dance shows, concerts, and a big dance competition. The location is Hal C which is located on the former naval station at Holmen.

The hall is designed as a multihal and has been used to huge events, festivals and much more! 

Copenhagen need an innovative dance festival, not only for the professionals but for all of us who enjoy good culture and new exciting experiences. The festival have the purpose of uniting and gathering different cultures of all ages in Copenhagen, through a common interest for dance, music and culture.

About the organizer // ElStudio 

ElStudio is a dance school placed at Nørrebro, Copenhagen founded by the professional dancer Stine Ortvad. Stine is educated at the National Dance School LA ENA, in Cuba, where she lived and studied for 5 years. Stine has been directing the dance school since year 2000.

Every year ElStudio participate in a lot of different cultural activities in central Copenhagen: Kulturhavn, Copenhagen Carnival, Festival 48 hours, and other local events. The dance students get the opportunity to show their development and passion for dancing, and be a part of the social life in the community.

ElStudio also hosts Salsa trips to Cuba several times a year, and once a year makes a Salsa Camp in South Zealand, where people come from all over Europe to learn Salsa.

ElStudio have also hosted concerts and parties with international guests dancers and musicians from all over the world, for instance at VEGA, DR Koncerthuset, Amager Bio, Pumpehuset and CPH Street Food amongst others.


All this directed by Stine Ortvad.

At ElStudio everyone is welcome - you don't have to be or look in a specific way to dance with us. We celebrate the passion for dancing and the individuality and diversity of people!

Date and time


Friday 27th of April: 15:00 - 03:00


Saturday 28th of April: 13:00 - 03:00


Hal C

Arsenalsvej 6

1436 København







How to get there with public transport

From Copenhagen Central St.:


You can take Bus 9A from Hovedbanegården, Tivoli

towards Refshaleøen and get off at the stop Bodenhoffs Plads . From here it only takes 3 minutes to walk.

You can also take bus 2A to Christianshavn St. and walk 14 minutes to Hal C

From Nørreport:

You can take the metro from Nørreport to Christianshavn St. and take 9A to Bodenhoffs Plads. From here it only takes 3 minutes to walk.


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