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Copenhagen Dance Festival

Copenhagen Dance Festival is a two-day celebration of the movement of the body! A festival filled with workshops, dance shows, concerts, and partys. In between the different activities, festival guests can enjoy South American street food by eatery El Jefe, located in Pumpehuset's outdoor venue Byhaven.

June 14th and 15th // at Pumpehuset

Before the party's starts, we will have several workshops/intro classes, and there will be beautiful dance shows during the evening.

In the evening we invite you to a big dance party with Latin, Afrobeat & Dancehall music.



FRIDAY THE 14TH OF JUNE  (Doors open 17:30)

FIRST FLOOR  (All this workshops are not couple work, you can come alone)

18.00-18.30: Workshop // Salsa Lady and Men Styling (for all) Solangel & Yorgenis

18.30-19.15: Workshop // Cuban Moves (for all) with  Solangel & Yorgenis

19.15-20.00: Workshop // Reggaeton (for all) Solangel & Yorgenis

20.00-21.00: Dance shows with ElStudio students

21.00-21.30: DJ's open dance floor - Latin music (Bachata, Salsa, Merengue & Reggeatón)

21.30-21.40: Dance show by Solangel Fernandez & Yorgenis Danger Garcia

21.40-22.00: Concert with Chango King (Reggaetón music)

22.00-24.00: Concert with Henri Benitez & The Cuban connection Ft Gillito (Salsa music)



24.00-02.00: Afterparty with DJ's Master Silot & DJ Alain (Latin music)

SATURDAY THE 15TH OF JUNE (Doors open 10:00)



10.30-11.50: Dance show with (kids and teens) from ElStudio 

11:50- 12:00 Guest performance by Show Crew Global Kidz

12.00-12.30: Breakdance show by Kids and teens from ElStudio


GROUND FLOOR (All this workshops are not couple work, you can come alone)

12.30-13.00: Workshop //  Afro Cuban (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis

13.00-13.30: Workshop //  Rumba (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis

13.30-14.00: Workshop // Salsa men and lady style (for all)  with Solangel & Yorgenis

14.00-14.30: Workshop // Cuban Moves (for all) with  Solangel & Yorgenis




19.00-20.00: Workshop for adults // Dancehall

20.00-21.00: Workshop for adults // Afrobeat  

21.00-24.00 Live acts DJ's

21.00 United Lions Dance Crew

21.30 Chango King

22.00  Jonaz Idrissi  x Jonesey

22.30 Joanita Zachariasen

23.00 Felicia Baby

23.30 KAKA

DJ's Anders Tresselt & Dunza



24:00-03.00: Afterparty with DJ's Anders Tresselt & Dunza

*Notice there will be taken pictures/video by the organizers for promotion on social media.


Felicia Baby


Felicia Baby, who is from Ghambia and Guine, came to Denmark when she was 2 years old. Today she is 26 years old, daughter of a royal family "Camara Kunda" and is an afrobeat artist.


Grown up in Husum, Felicia has both sung and danced since she was in the 10th grade. Graduated from Flow Dance Academy, Felicia has been dancing and teaching for 6 years. She has participated in the X-factor bootcamp and has even participated in the beauty contest Miss Denmark in the year 2016.


She has been on tour with DK's reggae star KAKA (who's also performing at Copenhagen Dance Festival 2019) where she met OKAY FUNKY. Since then Felicia Baby has released three singles Sugar Daddy (2017), Chale (2018), and I Saw It Coming (2018).



The rapper/actor has catchy flows and hook lines and an original style with blatant roots in the Caribbean. Besides lyrics with both depth and humor he always delivers an electric stage performance. Though he could be described as a dancehall/reggae artist, the versatile artist has tunes spanning from hip hop to afrobeat etc as well. 

Jonaz Idrissi who is also known from the project Jonesey // Stormann, started as a solo artist in 2015, and has played many concerts all over Denmark. Before that he was part of the satirical dancehall duo Det Bombastiske Broderskab (2012-2015) who played over a 100 concerts including Roskilde Festival, Cph Reggae Festival and Scandinavian Reggae Festival.

Henri Benitez & The Cuban Connection ft. Gillito

Latin music

This will be a unique concert in Denmark, with all the Cuban stars from Scandinavia and outside of Scandinavia, gathered together. Henri Benitez & The Cuban Conncection is a band lead by the lead singer and bassist Henri Benitéz. Besides bass, he also plays drums / percussion. He's a former singer in the famous band Pupy y Los que Son Son in Cuba. In Scandinavia Henri plays in several bands, including at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, with genres such as Latin and jazz, where he’s both lead singer and bassist. The band guarantees a festive concert with latin vibes and danceable songs. 


The band are bringing Cuban-born singer Gillito, who was the lead singer in Salsa de Esquina and Afro Cuban All Star. In the early 90’s Gillito travelled to Sweden and formed his own band with Swedish, Latin and Cuban musicians. Subsequently, his career gained momentum, and he has since then released albums, done multiple salsa events, performed at carnivals and much more.

DJ Master Silot


DJ Master Silot is a Cuban rapper, DJ and boxer, who has been living in Denmark for the past 7 years. He's a regular DJ at all the Latin parties at CPH Street Food, Kaffesalonen and at all of ElStudio Dk’s and’s parties and events in Copenhagen.

DJ Alain


DJ Alain is Malmö's experienced Cuban DJ, who has been the main name of Malmö's Cuban venue, Cuba Café for several years. He plays a mix of urban and the hottest Latin music for the audience in Southern Sweden, Copenhagen, Halmstad Gothenburg and Stockholm.

ElStudio Crew

Bellydance, Salsa, Bachata, Rumba dance show

ElStudio's best dancers make a dance show.

Kids students from ElStudio

Our students from ElStudio make a dance show

Students from ElStudio

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Students from ElStudio

ElStudio students

Students from ElStudio

ElStudio Crew

Hip Hop, Showdance & Breakdance dance show

ElStudios best dancers make a show.

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KAKA is Denmark's newest up-and-coming dancehall star. Kaka spent all his time as a child listening to music and at the age of 10 he wrote his first song. 


In 2012 Kaka dropped his first single Bang Bang - Reggaejam, which immediately became ‘Ugens Uundgåelige’ (powerplay) on DR P3 Radio. He has since then released the album Alle Kigger (2016), and a bunch of singles including En Sidste Sang (2013), Det Går Boom (2018) and latest Gimma Gimma (2019)! 


He has been in Youngblood Sound for a number of years and has joined Donkey Sound. KAKA is well in the process of conquering Denmark with his distinctive flow, his positive energy, infectious smile and playful easy access to life.

Chango King

Reggaetón music

Chango King’s real name is Yunior Hernández. He’s born in Cuba, Havana, and is 26 years old. His career started in 2011 with the Ache Latino music group. The group performed in multiple nightclubs and where liked by many young cubans. 


Since then Change King has launched as a solo artist in Denmark. In 2017 King released the song Ñaki Ñaki, which has more than 83 thousands views on YouTube, and made him well known in the latin community in Europe. He has been represented at several Latin festivals in Germany, Italy, France, etc. King is currently out with his debut album. 

Joanita Zachariassen

Winner of DR LIVE

Joanita Lubega Zachariassen amazed everybody with her big voice and incredible power, love and soul, when she won DR's talent show ‘Live’ in 2018. 


The singer, who’s born in Uganda, has been singing and making music for many years. She’s edge breaking with her Danish produced afro-pop and wild energy. 


She’s working on her debut album, and has already released the singles Heartbreaker (2018), Kiwato (2018), and latest Mpola Tonight (2019).

Anders Tresselt


Anders Tresselt is one of the best aces to have in the sleeve when playing the crucial card to start a party. He is both DJ and producer and has got dance floors to sew across the country, both solo and as part of the collective Okay Funky.


Reggaetón/Dancehall/Afrobeats DJ

DJ Dunza has been playing Reggae/Dancehall and Afrobeats since 2008, and shared stages with recognized artists such as Mr. Eazi, Iyanya, Reekado Banks, Collie Buddz, Christopher Martin, Million Styles etc.


Dunza has also had residencies at clubs Donkey Club & Rust in Denmark, and has been tour DJ for Kaka and Dean Thompson on jobs in Denmark. Dunza is also a part of Youngblood Sound, and has been playing in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Switzerland. 

ElStudio Crew

Dancehall, Hip Hop, House, Breakdance dance show

Some of ElStudios best dancers make a show

ElStudio Crew and Sereia Do Mar

Burlesque, Reggaetón, Samba dance show

Sereia do Mar is a Brazilian dance group based in Copenhagen. They perform shows with a repertoire including dance styles from Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, folkloric dances of African origin, capoeira and samba.

The group has existed since 2002 and consists of 10 dancers, led by choreographer and founder Luciano Carvalho.

Sereia do Mar has a vast experience with Brazilian entertainment and latin events in and around Copenhagen, and has performed at festivals, carnivals, in clubs and for private events.

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Under festivalen kan man købe mad i ved Pumehuset i byhaven

Lækre retter

Den anmelderroste restaurant og lillesøster til Michelin-stjernede Formel B, Uformel, serverer simple retter, hvor smag og gode råvarer er i fokus

"The Bar"

Mojitos, Cuba Libre (Rum and Coke), Dark and Stormy, Corona beer and much more!

More info soon.

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Copenhagen Dance Festival 2019 //

At Pumpehuset

Studiestræde 52 

1554 Copenhagen

Stalls with authentic products from all over the world

Art, Clothing, jewellery and more!

More info soon.

Face paint for kids

You can be painted as fx Spider Man, a Butterfly, a Frog, a Princess. You choose :)

More info soon..

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