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The location is an old, raw factory hall, with a beach outside. There will be a big play area for kids outside, and stalls with cultural artifacts during the whole festival. 


There will be a big Latin-Caribbean-Dancehall party with salsa, reggaetón and dancehall. With live acts as Pharfar, J. J. Wild and Anders Tresselt. Before the party start we will have a groovy lounge by the water, with dance workshops in salsa,

bachata and reggaetón.



 The beach opens at 10:00

The activities will take place inside the factory hall.

16.00-17.00: RECEPTION // The Festival opens

17.30-18.30: Workshop// Kizomba

18.30-19.00: Workshop// Salsa & Bachata

19.00-19.30: Workshop// Reggaetón


20.00-23.00: Salsa DJ Master Silot: Salsa, Bachata, Kizoma og Reggaetón

22.00-22.15: Dance show & animation // students and teachers from ElStudio 


23.00-23.15: Dance show // ElStudio Crew

23.15-03.00: DJ line-up: Anders Tresselt, J.J Wild, Pharfar

00.30-00.45: Dancehall show // Kaani Crew



As a producer and singer, Pharfar is probably best known from the dancehall trio Bikstok Røgsystem, and as one half of dub ekvilibrists Djosos Krost; and the one half of the band and producer duo Donkey Sound. In addition, he had also produced for many Danish and foreign artists. 

J. J. Wild

The Danish producer, DJ og Yo Fok member J.J. Wild is a permanent fixture in Danish nightlife, as one of the country's most active and knowledgeable dancehall and urban DJs, and for over a decade he has made dance floors to tremble both internationally and at home. J.J Wild has played at Roskilde Festival, Distortion Festival, Copenhagen & Aalborg Carnival, Rubadub Sundays, Rust Nightclub and Sunday just to name a few.

Anders Tresselt

Anders Tresselt is one of the best esses to have in the sleeve when playing the crucial card to start a party. He is both DJ and producer and has got dance floors to sew across the country, both solo and as part of the collective Okay Funky.

DJ Master Silot

19:30 - 23:00

DJ Master Silot is a Cuban rapper, DJ and boxer and has been living in Denmark for the past 6 years. He is a permanent DJ at all the Latin parties at CPH Street Food, and at all of ElStudios and Cuban Culture Clubs parties and events in Copenhagen.

Students from ElStudio


Students from ElStudio

ElStudio Crew

23:00 - 23:15 

ElStudio's best dancers make a dance show.

Kaani Crew

00:30 - 00:45

Dance Crew based in Copenhagen & Malmö, directed by Malie.

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Upcoming events

Latin-Caribbean-Dancehall party - June 16th


Teglholmsgade 27

2450 Copenhagen

Universal Dance Competition - June 17th


Teglholmsgade 27

2450 Copenhagen

Afrobeat, Hip Hop & 90's party - June 17th


Teglholmsgade 27

2450 Copenhagen

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