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Saturday, April 28th

Salsa, Bachata, Salsaton and Reggaetón. 
There will be a big Latin party with salsa, bachata and reggaetón. Live acts from the Puerto Rican Bachata King Eddie Blazquez (from the group Toke D Keda), and Danish Reggaetón group Camilo y el Grande.
DJ-line up is DJ Master Silot from Cuba that will play a lot of Salsa, and DJ MEGA from Venezuela, that plays all kind of music.
Before the party starts we will have several  workshops/intro classes, and there will be beautiful dance shows during the evening.
This festival is a diverse festival with a huge program. In between the different activities, festival guests can experience lovely authentic stalls selling art, clothing, jewellery and other delicious products from all over the world! You can find delightful food from all over the world and eat a delicious course in our food trucks.



13.00-13.30: Dance performance // kids students from ElStudio

13.30-14.00: Workshop for kids // Rhythmic dance (3-6 years)

14.00-14.30: Workshop for kids // MGP/Hip Hop (6-10 years)

14.30-15.00: Workshop for kids // MTV dance (10-15 years)

15.00-15.30: Workshop for kids // Breakdance (5-10 years)

15.30-16.00: Workshop for kids // Breakdance (10-15 years)

16.00-16.30: Dance show for kids // dancers from ElStudio

16.30-17.00:  Workshops/Intro class// Samba

17.00-17.30: Workshops/Intro class// Rumba

17.30-18.30: Workshops/Intro class// Reggaetón

18.30-19.00: Workshops/Intro class// Lady and Men Styling

19.00-19.30: Workshops/Intro class// Bachata

19.30-20.00: Workshops/Intro class// Cuban Salsa


20.00-03.00: LATIN PART


20.00-20.45: Salsa DJ Master Silot (Salsa and Bachata)​​​​

20.45-21.00: Dance show // students and teachers from ElStudio 

21.00-21.30: Concert// Eddie Blazquez from Toke D Keda (Bachata)

21.30-22.30: Salsa DJ Master Silot (Salsa and Bachata)

22.30-22.35: Dance show // Umberto Gaudino and Louise Heise (Latin Ballroom)

22.35-22.45: Dance Competition - win 2 tickets to Enrique Iglesias concert

22.45-23.30: Salsa DJ Master Silot (Salsa)

23.30-00.00: Concert// Eddie Blazquez from Toke D Keda (Bachata and Reggaetón)

00.00-00.15: Dance show // ElStudio Crew

00.15-00.45: Concert // Camilo & Grande (Reggaetón)


00.45-03.00: Salsa DJ MEGA (Salsa, Salsaton, Merengue and Reggaetón)


Eddie Blazquez (Toke D Keda)


In just 10 year’s time Toke D Keda has become the leading exponent of Latin music’s hottest genre “Bachata” throughout Europe and Asia as well as one of the most sought after touring bands.

From their unveiling performance in 2003 at Miami’s iconic Calle Ocho Festival to more than 250 concerts in 55 countries in 6 continents including (Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, Russia, Holland, France, Spain and Italy among others). Toke D Keda is by all accounts the epitome of a band that’s taking their beat to the streets.

Eddie Blazquez’s multilingual abilities which include Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian has enabled Toke D Keda to communicate off and on the stage with multitudes of fans and media in all corners of the planet. Sometimes referred to as fusional, their blend of electronic, Latin and Tropic-Pop beats lay the foundation to their over the top hit records and live shows. Their version of Latin classic “Lamento Boliviano” has become Bachata music’s biggest under ground hit ever!

Camilo & Grande


The guys met each other the summer of 2008 in Århus trough house party’s late-night beach-chills and a shared love for reggaetón. Since then they have lived in different parts of Latin-American and rocked every dancefloor, rhythm and woman throughout the continent


“DK’s Ladies you're gonna shake your booty like never before!”  

DJ Master Silot


DJ Master Silot is a Cuban rapper, DJ and boxer and has been living in Denmark for the past 6 years. He is a regular DJ at all the Latin parties at CPH Street Food, and at all of ElStudios and Cuban Culture Clubs parties and events in Copenhagen.



Born in Venezuela and resident in Sweden since 1997. All through his professional career as DJ and Promoter started in Venezuela, Isla de Margarita 1996 DJ MEGA had the opportunities to be part of imperative shows concerts and Dj performances in various European countries; Venezuela, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, England, Poland, Latvia, Slovaki, Serbia, Montenegro, Philipinas and more.

MEGA has been Dj-ing many important events, conferences, congress, parties, night clubs and festivals of remarkable significance around Europe. The Ministry Of Sound in London UK, Revolution Festival (Timisoara-
Rumania). Exit Festival "Best Major European Festival" (Novi sad
- Serbia). Sea Dance Festival (Budva-Montenegro).

Through the years he has shared the stage with well renowned latin
artists and other celebrities such as Gente De Zona, Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, Dj Vato Gonzales, Willie Colon, "El Gran Combo de
Puerto Rico", El Canario, Oscar D Leon, Spanish Harlem, J. Alvarez,
Gondwana and many more.. His total dominance of all styles within
Salsa, Timba, musica cubana, Latin rhythms, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaetón, Latin Urban, House. Combined with his natural ability to professionally mix it all together in his own unique style.

Umberto Gaudino and Louise Heise

Latin Ballroom

Louise has 20 years of experience as an elite dancer and is currently no. 7 in the world in Latin American dance. She also has experience as a model for various clothes collections in the dance world. Besides that, she has participated as a dancer in several music videos. Louise is positive, smiling and open to trying new things and loves to challenge herself.

All new learning seems hard for a start - the same applies to dance steps, so Louise likes to keep things as simple as possible. In her experience, even the hardest piece of wood can become a playful easy and rhythmic dancer! Enjoy the rhythms of the dance and the good mood it brings, because there is always time to perfect it. 

ElStudio Crew

Bellydance, Salsa, Bachata, Rumba dance show

ElStudio's best dancers make a dance show.

ElStudio Crew and Sereia do Mar

Burlesque, Reggaetón, Samba dance show

Sereia do Mar is a Brazilian dance group based in Copenhagen. They perform shows with a repertoire including dance styles from Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, folkloric dances of African origin, capoeira and samba.

The group has existed since 2002 and consists of 10 dancers, led by choreographer and founder Luciano Carvalho.

Sereia do Mar has a vast experience with Brazilian entertainment and latin events in and around Copenhagen, and has performed at festivals, carnivals, in clubs and for private events.

Students from ElStudio

Students from ElStudio

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"The Bar"

Mojitos, Cuba Libre (Rum and Coke), Dark and Stormy, Sol beer and much more!

More info soon.

Foodtrucks from all over the world

Mexican food, African food and more!

More info soon.

Stalls with authentic products from all over the world

Art, Clothing, jewellery and more!

More info soon.

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