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The location is an old, raw factory hall, with a beach outside. There will be a big play area for kids outside, and stalls with cultural artifacts during the whole festival. 



In the day time we will have the Universal Dance Competition 2017, with great prices. The winner dance group will make a show in the evening.

In the evening we invite you to a big Afrobeat, Hip Hop and time travel party back to the 1990's. 

The Saturday's DJ line-up is: ICEKIID, J. J. Wild, Chief 1 and Phase 5.


The beach opens at 10.00

The activities will take place inside the factory hall.

14.30-15.00: Workshop // Hip Hop

15.00-15.30: Workshop // Girly Hip Hop

15.30-16.00: Workshop // Twerk

17.00-19.00: Universal Dance Competition 2017

19.30-20.00: Workshop // Dancehall

20.00-03.00: AFROBEAT, HIP HOP & 90's PARTY

20.00-23.00: Hip Hop/RnB music

21.00-21.15: The winner makes a show

Line-up: ICEKIID and J. J. Wild

23.15-03.00: Music from the 90's 

Line-up: Chief 1 and Phase 5



ICEKIID is a Danish dancehall & afrobeat artist. 

J. J. Wild

The Danish producer, DJ og Yo Fok member J.J. Wild is a permanent fixture in Danish nightlife, as one of the country's most active and knowledgeable dancehall and urban DJs, and for over a decade he has made dance floors to tremble both internationally and at home. J.J Wild has played at Roskilde Festival, Distortion Festival, Copenhagen & Aalborg Carnival, Rubadub Sundays, Rust Nightclub and Sunday just to name a few.

Chief 1

Lars Pedersen, better known as Chief 1, is a Danish songwriter, music producer and DJ, who helped Rockers By Choice in 1987, the first Danish rap group shown on MTV.

Phase 5

In the modern electronic music scene, there are few DJs with the depth and history to say that they’ve been there since the beginning. DJ Phase 5 has been Copenhagen’s premiere Producer/DJ presence for the last quarter century and his dynastic presence within the Danish music scene is unparalleled.

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Upcoming events

Universal Dance Competition - June 17th


Teglholmsgade 27

2450 Copenhagen

Afrobeat, Hip Hop & 90's party - June 17th


Teglholmsgade 27

2450 Copenhagen

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